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Where are you located?

TerraTrencher Australia has it Head Office in Browns Plains in Brisbane and has a stockist in Hoppers Crossing in Melbourne. We can freight directly to any state in Australia. Spare parts are available online and through our outlets and are typically posted out via overnight express.

How deep does it trench?

The TT500 model can cut a clean trench up to 450mm deep by 38-40mm wide and the TT800 model can cut a clean trench up to 750mm deep by 38-40mm wide.

Can I buy parts to convert my existing chainsaw?

All TerraTrencher models are dedicated Trenchers. Each model is sold as a complete unit with power head, built for professional trenching. The power head has been specifically matched to the trencher for its power and torque and it’s superior air filtration system.

How does the price compare to other trenching products?

The TerraTrencher™ is a unique portable trenching unit. There is no other unit available that compares to the Terratrencher. This patented unit is an engineered design and built to be a professional contractors “Trencher of Choice.” The TerraTrencher’s™ digging chains have self-sharpening teeth and is designed to last for easy efficient trenching on hand to get the job done quickly saving money, time and less ground disturbance.

Can I trench through tree roots?

Yes! The self-sharpening digging teeth enable cutting through tree roots up to 30mm in diameter. When anything solid in the ground is found an experienced operator will feel a bounce and then rise over that and continue trenching. Removal of the obstruction is then done by hand.

How long does a digging chain last?

That really depends on the soil condition. In good loamy or organic soils you can expect to trench for anywhere between 800 – 1000mtrs or more per chain. If you are trenching in hard clay, sandstone or rocky conditions you can expect somewhat less distance. Having said this, compare the cost of time spent hand digging or Dingo/trencher hire to cut through hard soil as apposed to quickly cutting through with the Terratrencher. Still EASILY the most cost effective per metre for chain verses hourly labour rates or machinery hire rates.

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TerraTrencher Australia is the sole Australian distributor for the unique portable mini trencher designed to help dig trenches where time and space are tight. Please feel free to contact us for more information.